with Prem Shunyo and Veet Marco
7 - 14. July 2024
at Seminarhaus Hollerbühl,
D-79875 Dachsberg (Black Forest)


Immerse yourself in silence for 7 days!

The retreat will be held in English with German translation.


Arrival: Sunday, July 7, 2024,
from 4 p.m. onwards.

Retreat start: Sunday, July 7, 2024,
7 p.m.

Retreat end: Sunday, July 14, 2024,
in the afternoon


Seminar- und Ferienhaus Hollerbühl
Schmalenberg 20
D-79875 Dachsberg
(Black Forest)


In this retreat you can be completely with yourself for seven days.
In silence, without relating to others and without connection to the outside world, you can recover from the outer and inner stress of everyday life.

As in traditional Vipassana, in OSHO VIPASSANA you observe your breath in 45-minute sessions.
In addition, we practice Dynamic or Gibberish Meditation in the morning and Kundalini Meditation in the evening. These active meditations, as well as spoken words by Osho about meditation and silence in the evenings, are a support for sitting still.

Vipassana is a path to discovering yourself. Your understanding of how your mind works will deepen as you withdraw attention from it. Vipassana also works as a deep cleansing, which provides space for new insights.

With Vipassana you learn a meditation that you can use again and again in your daily life. Once you have learned the knack of bringing your consciousness into the present moment through the breath, you will be able to relax at any time in a loving, non-judgmental attitude.

This retreat is open to anyone who feels they can join. Vipassana is considered "advanced" in terms of meditation. But if you try this meditation even for the first time, it will reward you richly.

If you wish, you will have the opportunity for an individual talk with Shunyo every day.

During this retreat, the Hollerbühl team will lovingly take away the daily tasks and pamper us with culinary delights.

Retreat Leaders:
Prem Shunyo and Veet Marco

Prem Shunyo and Veet Marco 2022

Shunyo and Marco have been leading meditation groups around the world for 25 years.

Prem Shunyo

Prem Shunyo is a native of London. She traveled to India in the seventies where she met Osho and was in personal contact with him as part of his household for fourteen years.

She has been practicing Osho's meditations for over forty years and now shares her experiences. She travels the world leading seminars, trainings and meditation retreats. Her intuition, warmth, and presence help participants tap into deeper levels of peace and stillness.

Her book: "Diamond Days with Osho" has been translated into eight languages.

She is the director of the OSHO Institute for Vipassana and Zazen.


Veet Marco

Veet Marco is a musician in search of the unknown. He became a disciple of the enlightened master Osho in 1979 and has been experimenting with sounds and music for meditation ever since.

From 1995 he has been playing live for events and growth groups all over the world. He has composed many pieces of music for meditation, which are available on his website. Most of these meditations are techniques from the 5000 year old Vigyan Bhairav Tantra, commented in depth by Osho.

The Place

Hollerbühl, surrounded by meadows and forests, offers a real home away from home as a seminar house.

The team around the owner Burkhard Siegfried-Wellige will create ideal conditions for our retreat, which are as comprehensive as necessary and as unobtrusive as possible.

In addition, the exquisite cuisine will spoil us with lovingly prepared, varied vegetarian dishes.


Osho about Vipassana

"Vipassana simply means watching your breath, looking at your breath. It is not like YOGA PRANAYAMA: it is not changing your breath to a certain rhythm -- deep breathing, fast breathing. No, it does not change your breathing at all; it has nothing to do with the breathing. Breathing has only to be used as a device to watch because it is a constant phenomenon in you. You can simply watch it, and it is the most subtle phenomenon. If you can watch your breath then it will be easy for you to watch your thoughts."

Osho about the Secret of Meditation

Osho about the Joy of Silence

Retreat fee:

CHF 520

Additional fee for accommodation and food:

Prices for accommodation and meals include full board / bed linen / towels / final cleaning / visitor's tax.

Full board: breakfast, lunch and dinner, vegetarian and mainly organic, as well as tea and water all day (for diets such as lactose or gluten EUR 7.-/day surcharge will be charged).

Please note that the availability of each room category is limited.

Single room with shower:
€ 1071/pers. (€ 153/day)
waiting list

Single room (shower on the floor):
€ 931/pers. (€ 133/day)
waiting list

Single room in construction trailer (shower in the house):
€ 770/pers. (€ 110/day)
waiting list

2-bed room (shower on the floor):
€ 791/pers. (€ 113/day)

€ 490/pers. (€ 70/day for house use and full board)

Workshop Agreements

Here you can find the detailed workshop agreements regarding payment, cancellation, responsibility and liability.


Call Basera: +41 79 200 11 21

Shunyo about the Retreat


Anmeldung OSHO Vipassana EN 24
Desired accommodation (if available)